What are the aims of the U3A?

To be a fully autonomous, self-supporting and voluntary organisation
To provide a creative use of leisure time
To establish and maintain educational, cultural and physical programmes
To broaden intellectual horizons irrespective of background
To promote and further the concept and adoption of U3A in the general community
To seek and maintain contact with organisations and individuals involved with the U3A

Why should I join a U3A?

Learning should not stop as we get older.
The U3A provides social and intellectual stimulation for retired and semi-retired people aged 50 years and over.
Classes are designed to be educational and enjoyable.
The U3A gives you the opportunity to learn something that you have always intended to learn but have not had the time to pursue.

What does “University of the Third Age” mean?

The term “University” is used in the original sense of an association or community of teachers and scholars united in the pursuit of knowledge. The “Third Age” follows the “First Age” of childhood and formal education and the “Second Age” of working life. It is the age of active retirement where a wide range of interests are pursued to enhance the self-image and well being of older persons.

How do I qualify to join the U3A?

No qualifications are required to join and enrol in classes other than to be retired or semi-retired.
There are no examinations and no certificates.