U3A Network Member Database

The U3A Network Member Database is an access facility for Member U3As to review and update their records held by U3A Network Victoria.

U3A Tutor Bank

The U3A Tutor Bank is an access facility for Member U3As to work with tutors or leaders offering to assist in more than one U3A.

Policy and Guidelines

In this section you will find

- the U3A Network Victoria Constitution, our governing document

- a number of sample Policy guidelines which can be adapted and adopted by our Member U3As.  Editable versions in Word can be requested from U3A Network Victoria's office.


Privacy Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

Bullying Policy

Risk Management Policy

Anti-discrimination Policy

Health & Safety (Injury & Incident Reporting) Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Social Media Guidelines on Acceptable Use

Network Reference Handbook

U3A Network Victoria have put this book together to supply you with some background and general information that we hope will be of use to you in operating your U3A.

Additions/changes will be supplied as they become available.

Introduction and Context

U3A Network Victoria Overview

Governance and Finance

Tutor Handbook Guidelines


Policy Guidelines List

Sample Forms and Resources

Premises and Facilities Handbook

This Handbook will help manage your accommodation needs and other aspects of your facilities.

Premises and Facilities Handbook