Active ageing in retirement


U3A members along the beautiful Surf Coast know that staying fit results in positive health benefits.

It means fewer visits to the doctor and more time to enjoy life.

A group of forty members, a mix of women and men, take part in a weekly Yoga and Relaxation class. The tutor, with over 40 years teaching experience, describes the class as ‘classical modified yoga’ and it is her belief that people of any age can benefit from yoga as long as it is adapted to their physical capabilities.

The class has been gradually expanding over the past four years, limited only by the size of the venue. The positive effects of exercising in a supportive group can be seen in the photos where the ‘students’ are obviously enjoying themselves and ‘giving it a go'. Yoga is so popular that a more advanced class is being offered in 2019 named Yoga Practice for Life – Intermediate.

Meirav Dulberg