The Power of Music to nurture the mind


There are plenty of science-backed strategies for staying mentally fit for longer. But if you want to pick a winner (26 January 2019 New Scientist), studies have shown that ‘As brain workouts go, there is something special about learning an instrument’. Singing also nourishes the mind and spirit.

U3A Glen Eira is well aware of the magic of music but, unfortunately waiting lists exist for all classes. They have a very popular choir and Alto recorder group and like all U3A classes there are no formal requirements.

The emphasis is on enjoyment, building musical skills and after much practice sharing their love of music. The recorder group presents a twice-yearly concert, exhibiting their musical skills to a wider audience.
The choir is very fortunate to have a very special choir director. Valerie Suhr has been on a musical journey all her life and believes that choirs can be used as a tool for bringing the community together. The choir performs for community organisations in their area like Probus Clubs, Nursing Homes and Caulfield Repatriation Hospital. 
The effect of music on older people can be profound as Valerie recalls;
“I remember on a visit to a particular nursing home, the rendition of “Lily Marlene” when an elderly gentleman was so moved, he spoke for the first time in over two years. It was a very moving moment”.

Meirav Dulberg