Walk and Talk (and coffee) along the Yarra and Merri Creek

Why not combine walking and talking and then a cup of Melbourne’s favourite caffeinated drink?


That’s what a group of about 10 to 15 U3A Yarra City members do each week.
They gather at 8:00 am at the corner of the …closed café, the closed pub and the closed laundromat in Clifton Hill; a truly inspiring location in Clifton Hill; a truly inspiring location..

Each walk takes in some of the natural wonders of their area;  strolling along the Merri Creek or Yarra River shared paths, they often pause to view the water coming over Dights Falls … how do the fish get up their special “fish ladder”? Isn’t the geology of the river bank excellent? Why is the Yarra muddy and the Merri not? Who keeps throwing plastic bottles into our fine river?

Their well-deserved break sees them heading to a variety of morning ‘cuppa’ destinations; in 2018 they have sipped at 29 different cafes! Who would have thought that so many existed? The barista-led new economy is thriving because of U3A patronage!

Talking topics range far and wide across the state of their health, wretched politics, the state of education, what bird is that, the next trip or the last, and what the grandchildren have been up to. A fine array of perspectives.
 from a U3A Yarra City story by Peter Moore

Meirav Dulberg