Reference Handbook - a resource for member U3As

U3A Network Victoria have put this resource together to provide U3As  with information that will be of use to you in operating your U3A.

Additions and changes will be supplied as they become available.

Introduction and Context

U3A Network Victoria Overview

Governance and Finance


Sample Forms and Resources

Premises and Facilities Handbook

This Handbook will help manage your accommodation needs and other aspects of your facilities.

Premises and Facilities Handbook

Policy Templates

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In this section you will find a number of sample Policy guidelines which can be adapted and adopted by our Member U3As.  Editable versions in Word can be requested from U3A Network Victoria's office.

Privacy Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

Bullying Policy

Risk Management Policy

Anti-discrimination Policy

Health & Safety (Injury & Incident Reporting) Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Social Media Guidelines on Acceptable Use

Services provided to Victorian U3As


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U3As are covered by the Victorian Managed Insurance Agency (VMIA) under the Community Service Organisations Insurance Program.  Members of U3A Network Victoria are covered under the scheme because U3A Network Victoria has a service agreement with the State Government.  Policies are issued annually in June to each incorporated U3A directly by VMIA.

The following elements are covered by this insurance:

1. Public Liability – Indemnifies the U3A against claims made for negligence by the U3A and its directors or management team or its officers (such as, tutors, activity leaders).

2. Professional Indemnity – Indemnifies against claims of negligence, error, misstatement or omission leading to economic loss to a third party.

3. Directors and Officers Liability – For breach of duty, breach of trust, neglect, error, and so on.  This also includes Employment Practices Violation (such as wrongful dismissal, discrimination and harassment claims).

4. Entity Fidelity –This is up to $100k in staff or volunteer fraud cover.

5. Volunteer Personal Accident – This provides benefits for injury incurred while performing an authorised activity. Covers: Administrators and management of the U3, the Office, catering, social committees and so on as well as Tutors and activity leaders.

Volunteer Personal Accident benefits include lump sums for catastrophic injuries, income protection (for workers who cannot work due to injuries from volunteering) and non Medicare medical benefits (such as physio).

This policy does not cover general members of the U3A.  In the event of an accident, general members must use their own medical insurance.  If someone else (such a U3A or owner of the premises) is legally liable for the injury, public liability insurance may be activated.

As VMIA does NOT cover general U3A members, a Network working party in 2010 reviewed the cost and benefit of Network negotiating a group personal accident policy for all general members of all Member U3As.  This working party recommended against Network negotiating such coverage.  It suggested that U3As which want such cover could purchase a policy with an insurer at about the same cost as Network could achieve.

Details are available on the VMIA website:


Special provisions in the Copyright Act allow educational institutions to use copyrighted material for educational purposes without permission from the copyright owner.  U3A Network Victoria uses part of the capitation fee to pay for a copyright licence from the Australian Performing Rights Association (APRA) for Member U3As.  The Licence granted to Network allows Member U3As to copy third party copyright materials, within certain limits, without asking copyright owners’ permission each time.  The licence granted to U3A Network on behalf of member U3As does not cover public performances where a fee is paid to attend the performance.  

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Detailed information can be found at these locations:

VMIA-CSO Insurance Program

U3A Network Victoria‘s Reference Handbook (see links at the top of this page)

Hardcopy or electronic copying:

Live performances:

Information Technology

Information Technology Strategy:

The U3A Network Victoria Technology Strategy document is available to Member U3As by contacting the Network Office via or (03) 9670 3659.


U-MAS is a membership and course administration system specifically tailored for use by U3A organisations.  A link to more information about U-MAS can be found here:

Details about the next U-MAS User Group Meeting will be posted in the Key Events page once they become available.

Presentations and other materials from the April 2018 U-MAS User Group Meeting can be found here

Handbooks and guidelines for Tutors

The Handbook for Tutors has recently been revised.  Click here to access the updated Tutor Handbook.

The U3A Tutor Bank is an access facility for Member U3As to work with Tutors or leaders offering to assist more than one U3A.