Reporting requirements

Annual Capitation Process:

U3As are required to report their membership data annually in May to Network Office as part of the capitation process.  The Network Member Database (NMDB) is used for this purpose.

Bi-Annual Profile Survey:

A limited number of U3As will be requested to participate in the bi-annual Profile Survey to analyse demographics of U3A Members.  This is part of our reporting requirements to one of our funding bodies, the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

Network Member Database (NMDB)

The NMDB is used by Member U3As to hold their up to date contact details for their members who hold certain positions, such as President, Secretary, Treasurer and Council Delegate.  These contact details are used by Network Office and the Network Committee to communicate information to people holding those positions.

The NMDB is also used to advise Network Office of the membership data during the annual capitation process.